Mystic Braves "Hanging On" 

Director: Emmanuel Rosario
DP: Mike Attwood
 1AC: Nico Kayser

NEVADA by Thibault Lévêque

Camera operator Lucas Hauchard
Editor Lucas Hauchard
Director of photography Théo Gosselin
Assistant DOP Emmanuel Rosario
Assistant director Emmanuel Vivenot
Screenplay by Thibault Lévêque
Sound engineer Jeremy "Spike" Huet

Matthieu Brochec
Victor Mieusement
Thibault Lévêque
Emmanuel Rosario
Lise Gardo
Jesse Salto
Emmanuel Vivenot

Robert Leslie "In The Rows"

Camera Operator: Emmanuel Rosario

Sequencing: Vanessa Pla

Music by Robert Leslie.
Produced by Perry Margouleff.
Bowed bass by Tonier Garnier.
Mastering by Sterling Sound 

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